Saturday, March 10, 2018

Weekend Links

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Was this week extra challenging for anyone else? Something about it felt like a struggle from start to finish for me, and I couldn't be happier it's the weekend. To be honest, I've been struggling a bit with the seasonal depression that tends to hit me this time of year, the transition from winter to spring is especially lengthy and frustrating in Maine (it just snowed for 30 hours straight...) and I'm just at the point of desperately wanting warmth, like now. So this weekend I'm focusing on taking care of myself, sleeping in, and taking things slow. I hope you have a wonderful weekend yourself!

A song for your weekend. Related: I cancelled my Spotify subscription in a fit of frugalness and I'm not sure I can deal with the commercials.

We've been looking for some lighting for our new place and it's safe to say I'm in loooooooove with this vintage brass option.

Just when I think I've settled into a skincare routine... I've been super curious to try Drunk Elephant. It seems to be popping up everywhere lately (or maybe it's just the google eavesdropping?). Anyway, I really want to try this serum.

For some reason I started watching the Bachelor last year? This recap of the recent season is on point.

I'm all about easy transitional layers right now and this vintage kimono-style jacket might just be the most perfect.

I love an earring. I especially love a gigantic statement earring. (perfect with a woven bag and espadrilles)

... wait, these are so cute too, dammit.

March is a weird month (as proven by our recent weather). And it's a month that makes me want all the things. Here's how to take on your March wardrobe mindfully.

FOUND: an under $100 version of the cute vintage-style bamboo handbags everyone and their mother has been carrying

Monday, March 5, 2018

A Bright Coat For Spring

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 photo IMG_7066 copy_zpsohlpmbsu.jpg
 photo IMG_7070 copy_zpszkvvpnjv.jpg
 photo IMG_7067 copy_zpshpa0kylb.jpg
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This vintage coat was one of the first things I thrifted when we moved to Pittsburgh back in 2011. It's served me well over the years, quickly becoming one of the most versatile pieces in my closet. Regardless of time of year (well, except for summer), it always adds the perfect pop of color when I need it to. Spring is, surprisingly, in the air here (you know, with the exception of the foot of show they're calling for on Thursday). Something a bit unexpected considering A: it's Maine and B: We spent December and half of January in a deep freeze. It certainly wasn't the winter we were expecting, which makes me all the more ready for warmer temps. I've been adding pops of color here and there to get in a spring mood, and a bright coat is the perfect way to jazz up an otherwise basic outfit of Levi's, a black sweater, and classic chelsea boots (aka - my uniform). Add a vintage fisherman's cap and in my opinion, you're good to go.

For the first couple of weeks after our move to Portland, we only had a few bags of clothing. Pretty much wearing whatever we could find on the floor, which is sort of where this outfit came from (besides just being another version of what I wear all the time). Uniforms may seem boring, but when you need to just get up and go, they're a fast-track to getting out of the house on time.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Weekend Links

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Happy Sunday! This weekend flew by. Were you affected by the storm last week? Things didn't feel that dramatic while we were just hanging out at home, but turns out the tides were out of control. Today we headed out to a few of the beaches to check out the aftermath. We grabbed pastries at Standard Baking Co. with a couple of our friends and then hit up Two Lights, Higgins Beach, and Ferry Beach for some beach combing. The water is still super high here, so hoping to make a quick trek out this week to see how things progress. We've been geeking out over our proximity to the ocean again, taking every available opportunity to drive out before the sun sets to watch the surfers and look for shells, pinching ourselves that this where we live now. Life is crazy, right? Anyway, I'm delirious - here's a few things that caught my eye this week:

How sweet is this vintage blouse? So cute with high-waisted black jeans and this nail polish.

If lit men were on Tinder - so good.

We've been upping our plant game now that we're sort of settled in to our new place. Love this vintage brass planter for an air plant or two.

Go ahead millennials, destroy us

100% ready for beach days with this rad towel.

YUM - this orange bundt cake sounds amazing

Loving these breezy pieces for spring weather (c'mon spring weather!) - so lovely with delicate jewelry

How self-aware are you?

Have you checked out J.Crew's new intimates line? Love these fun pajamas (save 30% off selects styles too!)

This is amazing and hilarious

This spring sweater looks so damn cozy

Oscar-related because I feel like I have to: How Ladybird Created an Iconic Teenage Bedroom

How incredible is this antique celestial globe?

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Weekly Links

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Happy... Tuesday?! I'm finally accepting the fact that this post doesn't always make it up on the weekend... blame it on the sheer excitement of Friday nights. Anyway, why not Tuesday? We've been getting little glimpses here and there that spring is on the way and I'm so excited. A sunny day here, some happier birdsong there, snow that quickly turns to rain and melts into giant puddles (that last one isn't so pleasant, but you gotta look on the bright side, right?). I'm dreaming of trading my boots for sandals and my heavy layers for one-piece dressing (remember the freedom of throwing on a dress and sandals and just being done with the damn thing?). This week is a busy one, but I've been finding some time to drive out to the ocean in the evenings. It's a nice reminder of why we live here when days can get packed and busy. Anyway... a few things that caught my eye this week...

First of all - Shopbop is having their first major sale of the season! Save up to 25% off your order. I've already scooped up these leopard print mules and this simple tee. I've got my eye on a cute bikini for summer and some cute jeans.

Lyle Lovett forever.

How gorgeous is this antique quilt? So gorgeous on top of a white duvet.

The names of these candles is killing me (plus I bet they smell pretty amazing)

There was a 1908 board game about suffragettes fighting cops in the streets

Love these vintage suede pants. They'd look rad with a plain white tee and boots.

The gender pay gap gets the punk song it deserves

The cutest kitty notepad

Photographed this recipe last weekend for Free People and it is SO GOOD. Do yourself a favor and make these healthier truffles.

This tinted balm is gorgeous

Asos new athletic line is so cute!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Transitional Pieces for Spring

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(a decidedly un-spring-like picture because it's currently 25ºf and snowing)

Spring in Maine is best described as a funny season with a tricky personality:

First, there's "Sorta-Winter", in which it will continue to sporadically snow well into April and sometimes May, too (I once went snowboarding on May 6). Sorta-Winter will throw you for a loop and endlessly frustrate you as you stare at your cute flats and loafers and light breezy dresses while you begrudgingly tug on your boots and sweater once again.

After sorta-winter comes Mud Season. This is an actual thing, because all that snow has to go somewhere, and that somewhere is the dirt. And there's a lot of dirt here, which means there's a lot of mud. I have vivid memories of being a kid and losing more than a few boots to the persistently grabby mud of Maine spring. Mud Season is not the time for dainty footwear. it's not the time for anything but more boots, really.

And finally, there's bug season. Bug season is like mud season, but bloodier and more painful. The bugs in Maine are no joke. I've tried to describe the specific hell of black fly season to friends from out of state, and they never seem to understand. These aren't your standard kitchen flies... black flies are a hellish swarm of carnivores that will eat you alive if you let them. There are few precautions you can take to protect yourself from bug season, the most reasonable being covering every inch of skin with clothing and then never leaving the house.

Sounds like fun, huh?

So yeah... spring in Maine, it's not your typical fresh floaty season. But that doesn't mean it's no less glorious. I can't wait to smell the apple blossoms on my mother's trees, to see the sheer joy of the people of Portland as they bare their incredibly pasty skin to the sun, and to watch the trees like they're the most riveting suspense film for any sign of green. That said, dressing for spring in New England requires strategy. You never know when the temperature will drop 10 degrees, when a fog will roll in, or when you might have to contend with a driveway that rivals the Swamp of Sadness. Below are a few of my picks for the season we're in and the season to come, because it's cold out but GAWD do I just want to wear a floral dress already!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekend Links

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What a week. What a week, of many weeks, that just felt dark. It would be neglegent of me to not acknowledge the tragedy that took place in Florida on Wednesday. NPR has been doing an especially thoughtful and compassionate job of covering the shooting, making the news no less heartbreaking, though. All those beautiful lives so needlessly and mindlessly cut short. Children. I can't imagine what it feels like to be a parent and see your kids off to school everyday, these days. If you're feeling frustrated and heartbroken too, you can go to to take action.

On a lighter note... We did it! We moved! I spent most of this past week getting settled in, working from coffee shops around town, and helping Zephyr adjust to his new digs (he's having a rough time adjusting, a point he's been making clear every night from 3-5am with a whole lot of yowling). We still have a ton of unpacking to do, and will most likely draw it out a bit as we also work on cutting down on our belongings while we unearth boxes that have been in storage for five months. Chris and I are determined to not relive past mistakes, when we've been pressed for time and ended up with secret disorganized messes – we've already cut down on our kitchen stuff by about 50%, something I'm feeling really proud of. This will be our first official weekend as Portlanders, and I'm looking forward to checking out some secondhand furniture places (we're looking for rugs, a desk, and some lamps), taking a much-needed trip to the beach (it's just down the street now!), and maybe grabbing a diner breakfast.

Love this vintage industrial storage for an office or kitchen

This vintage blouse would look gorgeous with worn-in denim and loafers

ICYMI: The life-changing magic of a new mattress

Almost spring wishlist: Spring florals (all of them, just load me up), breezy dresses, a great pair of mules, and a pretty bag (SO ready for spring!)

Adam Rippon's Twitter is pure gold

Love this pretty gingham dress - wear it now with a leather jacket and black boots, later with slides and a straw bag

Nordstrom's winter sale is here! Love this cozy sweater and this classic red purse

How to break up with your phone - I've been spending less time with mine on the weekends and the difference has been wonderful

Save an extra 20% off sale items from Madewell! Love this great winter coat and these great Vans

Peanut Butter Banana Bread sounds SO good

I bet this perfume smells amazing

Good news for couch potatoes 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Avocado Mattress Review

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When we set our minds on moving back to Maine 5 months ago, my mind went to one thing: finally getting rid of our awful mattress. Really. That's what I thought about. Not the gorgeous scenery, the proximity to family, or the calmer lifestyle. Nope. Finally bidding adieu to the world's gnarliest mattress took top spot (seriously, the thing looked so bad I actually laid awake at night plotting how we'd eventually discard it without the neighbors seeing it... insomnia does funny things to a person). Anyway.

Let me explain. We'd been sleeping on this mattress for 10 years... but its history goes back further. Before we shared it, it was Chris's mattress from high school. By 2017, it was old, it was unsupportive, and it had developed a pronounced lump at the center that had become a sort of third entity in our marriage. This lump was uncomfortable, but even worse, it acted as a separator. Which is funny... but only in retrospect. No one wanted to lie on the lump, and even if you tried to, you'd sort of just end up rolling into one of the human-shaped divots on either side of the lump. It was problematic... at best. The final nail in the gnarly mattress coffin was that we were both exhausted all the time, despite getting a decent amount of sleep each night. This alone was a sign is was time for a new mattress. But neither of us knew where to start. After sleeping on the mattress we had, we weren't thrilled with the chemical-laden, super pricey options out there (most mattresses are made with formaldehyde, a chemical I'm absolutely not down with inhaling every night, and most traditional mattresses are so expensive they require financing). Knowing we'd be moving in with my mom for a few months, it was the perfect opportunity/excuse to say farewell to our nightmare mattress and search for something new. On moving day, I don't think I've ever been so excited to kick something to the curb.

But of course, we still didn't have anything to sleep on. Until I connected with Avocado Green Mattress. Avocado Green Mattresses are made with natural Dunlop latex rubber, harvested in Asia with zero trees harmed in the process. The final product is anti-microbial, resistant to mold and mildew, and a natural barrier to dust mites (all very important qualities when you consider how close your face is to that mattress every night!). These mattresses are also VOC-free (volatile organic compounds), meaning there's no off-gassing – once your mattress is set up, you can sleep on it 30 minutes later. Finished with New Zaland wool and organic cotton, and strategically-placed steel coils, the final product – which is made to order mind you, not sitting in a factory waiting to be bought – is majorly supportive, firm-yet-extremely comfortable, and the perfect temperature whether it's hot or cold (we had fist-hand experience with this in my mom's home of constantly fluctuating temperatures!).

We chose the pillow-top option for a bit more support, as we're side and back sleepers and I tend to have some pain in my knees and legs after running, and also picked out two of their pillows. After a bit of wait time after ordering (remember, they're made to order), two big boxes appeared in the front yard, containing our mattress and pillows. Time to set up! These mattresses are no joke. I recommend getting some strong friends to help you get your mattress set up, because this ish is heavy. Even the pillows are heavy. The mattresses are vacuum-packed and arrive in quite a bit of plastic, but as we recently learned when we moved our mattress from my mom's to our new place -  they need to be (I'll get to that more below). It's also tall. The pillow top adds a few inches, and it's actually recommended for platform beds, so until we figure out a solution for our beloved bed frame (not the one pictured here, which was our temporary bedroom), we're sort of Princess and the Pea-ing it.

But let's cut to the chase and answer the big question: How are we sleeping? Like freaking babies, folks. Freaking babies. You know that Cinderella song that goes, "you don't know what you got, 'till it's gone"? Well our version goes, "you don't know how crappy your old mattress is, until you replace it with a new one." I think we've got a hit single. I've had virtually zero post-workout pain, and we both have an easier time getting out of bed in the morning (a sign of a restful night).


  • Truly eco-friendly, with no harm to trees and no off-gassing.
  • Supportive and will keep you warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather.
  • Made to order, not sitting around in a factory waiting to be shipped out.
  • Affordable (especially when compared to traditional mattresses) and financing is available for those who choose it.
  • Certified sustainable.
  • Greenguard certified to ensure rigorous emissions standards are met.
  • Just extremely comfortable, soft but not too soft, firm but not too firm.
  • Extremely heavy. Just be prepared to enlist several friends or hire a couple of circus strongmen if you have to move your mattress. There are handles on the sides, which are helpful, but it still took five people to very awkwardly transport ours from a moving truck and up five stairs and into our new place (not flights of stairs, just five stairs). This isn't so much of a critique as it is a heads up – just be prepared.
  • The pillows aren't the most comfortable, especially if you're a fan of softer pillows. I use mine as back support if I'm reading or working in bed (they're great for this purpose), otherwise it sort of gets shoved aside.
  • Not the friendliest to traditional bed frames. But that's also not the end of the world. If you don't have a platform bed, just know you may have to make some adjustments.

Would I recommend Avocado Green Mattress? Yes, absolutely. In fact I already have to a friend and a co-worker. We're so pleased with ours, and finally feel as though we're getting adequate rest. I also love knowing we're not breathing in fumes or dust mites at night, which helps me sleep even more soundly.
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 photo 861B5BC6-A879-405C-93EC-FEE0BE33138B copy_zpsovxvukxv.jpg
 photo ED5B7283-D094-4716-9599-3E9ED68A156A copy_zpsjteiu8si.jpg

This was our temporary bedroom at my mother's house. I've linked same and similar decor items below, as a lot of it was either pre-existing or bought secondhand (like the rug and bed frame). I'll post a tour of our new bedroom soon! This post was in collaboration with Avocado Green Mattress. As always, all opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway.